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Our law firm is a niche practice committed to providing personalised professional legal services and effective solutions to legal problems. Robyn Choi is proud to have represented a wide range of clients - from statutory bodies, international companies and organisations, public and private companies as well as individuals, many who have adopted Robyn Choi as their continued trusted legal advisor.

Our Core Values and Strengths

We believe that smart legal counsel is the balanced mix and application of comprehensive up-to-date legal knowledge with commercial and common sense.

We leverage our knowledge, experience, negotiation and litigation skills to be effective advocates for our clients in all our varied areas of practice.

Our strengths are Experience and Knowledge, Integrity, Discretion, Confidentiality and Dedication to finding creative solutions to complex challenges. These, we believe, embody the core of our professionalism.

Although we offer a wide range of legal services to clients, our main focus is on corporate, commercial and banking disputes. We will refer matters which we do not undertake, i.e. criminal and family law cases, to our network of legal firms which specializes in such cases.

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   ROBYN CHOI Advocates & Solicitors
   Block B Level 5 Unit 8-01 (B-5-8.01)
   Plaza Mont Kiara
   Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara
   50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

   T. +60 (3) 4043 8284
   F. +60 (3) 4044 8284
   E. counsel[at]

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